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Welcome to Nigerian Dwarf Goats NY

Quickly becoming the micro farm and home animal of choice, Nigerian Dwarf Goats are great as pets, incredibly manageable, help maintain your grounds and produce a highly desirable milk. Nigerian Dwarf Goats are the gifts that keep on giving…In a multitude of ways. If you’ve been looking for that arguably perfect addition to your household or farm that will not only provide companionship and a lifetime of enjoyment, but also offers the added benefits of keeping your lawn manicured, and raw, organic milk that is an outstanding and preferable alternative to cow’s milk. We have some outstanding bloodlines from Rosasharn Farms and more.

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Nigerian Dwarf Goats NY are available all over the Northeast region of the United States including VT, MA, CT, PA, NJ, ME and  especially here in upstate New York. Go to our contact page, call us or email.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats are whimsical creatures, yet so practical. They're a ton of fun, easily managed and their milk is great for a variety of purposes. You get that and a lovable pet all rolled up in one. Read More  is the premier breeder in upstate New York. Serving the surrounding area including MA, PA, CT, VT, NJ, ME and more. Nigerian Dwarf Goats offers both female and male goats in a variety of colors.