Breed Info

The Nigerian dwarf goat is a little dairy goat breed; it's origins beginning in West Africa. The original goats were brought from Africa as to be transported to zoos. Nigerian dwarf goats are well known as pets and family milkers because of the ease of management and their small stature. The milk from Nigerian Dwarf goats is known for its high butterfat content, making it very desirable and useful in making cheese. Nigerian dwarf goats are registered by the American Dairy Goat Association, the Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association the American Goat Society.

The height standard varies slightly between the Goat Associations. Generally the height at the withers should be below 23" and ideally less than 20" depending on if it's a buck or a doe.

The color traits can vary from white to black with virtually everything in-between, along with spots and a multitude of combinations and variations. The Goat Associations have stricter guidelines for color acceptance and conformation and should be referenced if one intends to show their Nigerian Dwarf goats.

Their behavioral tendencies make them great pets. They're gentle, trainable and are very friendly. Socialization is important and bottle feeding can help your goat bond with humans. As with all pets the more positive interaction with humans the better behaved they will be. They also can be trained to walk on a leash and live comfortably in one's residence, however because they are ruminants, being outdoors is preferable and necessary.  Once you have a Nigerian Dwarf Goat, you will be in love and want more!